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Discovering Manpupuner


Experience a real adventure and visit with us newly discovered rock formations called Manpupuner. The Manpupuner rock formations or the Seven Strong Men Rock Formations or Poles of the Komi Republic are a set of 7 gigantic abnormally shaped stone pillars located west of the Ural Mountains. These monoliths are around 30 to 42 m high and jut out of a hilly plateau formed through the weathering effects of ice and winds. Locally, the Seven Strong Men have adopted a legendary status, especially considering their location just a hair below the Arctic Circle.
Hiking in the Altai Mountains

Altai Mountains

Choose our trip to the famous Altai Mountains if you are an experienced climber or simply an admirer of amazing wild Russian nature. The Altai Mountains (Altay Mountains) is a mountain range in East-CentralAsia, where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan come together and where the rivers Irtysh and Ob have their headwaters. Some mountain-masses are 3000 – 4000 m high. Their peaks are covered with snow and ice all year long. Glaciers descend along their slopes. The highest point of Siberia – Belukha Mt (4506 m) is situated there.
Winter Saint-Petersburg

Winter Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg never looks more beautiful than in winter. Spend with us few days or even months enjoying white beauty of this city. It’s relatively warm, the temperature hardly drops less than -10 C but you can get the fantastic experience of Russian winter with its snowy parks and gardens. You can feel the festive atmosphere of New Year and enjoy the magnificent Christmas lights at night.
Tours to Saint-Petersburg


We offer a wide range of tours to Saint-Petersburg, from one-day tours to a complete historical exploration of this mysterious city. Saint-Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. It is known as Venice of Russia. It is one of the biggest cultural centers in the world, a city with an exceptionally rich history, centuries-old traditions and a promising future. The number of attractions there is overwhelming; you can go to the museums, visit emperors’ palaces, take tours to the islands or have boat trips on the numerous canals and rivers of the city.
Moscow the Capital


We will be happy to organize your travel to Moscow, one of the most charming cities in the world and help you to see both ancient and modern sides of it. Moscow is the capital of Russia and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is the historical, cultural, political and business centre of the country. You can feel the atmosphere of old centre and new surroundings, emperor traces and soviet heritage, numerous numbers of classical churches and fresh art objects, historical buildings and modern skyscrapers, you can see the most beautiful underground in the world – all this is in Moscow!
Daily Trip to Peterhof


In this tour we will introduce you to the luxury of Russian Emperors and let you feel a touch of gold on your skin. The Peterhof Palace is a series of palaces and gardens located in Saint Petersburg, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great. These Palaces and gardens are sometimes referred to as the "Russian Versailles". The palace-ensemble along with the city centre is recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Peterhof ensemble includes the
Lena Pillars Nature Park

Lena Pillars Nature Park

You have the possibility to visit the magnificent creation of the Earth, Lena Pillars and we will arrange the trip for you in the best way, time-and-cost-effective. Lena Pillars is a natural rock formation along the banks of Lena River in far eastern Siberia. The extremely steep column are made of kimbery limestone with the surrounding softer rock being eroded over the millennium. Today the stone rocks look like amazing creatures and towers, pillars and columns, towering over 150 meters high. The Lena Pillars extend along the river for about 80km.
Fly to Camp Barneo

Camp Barneo

Fly with us to the Camp Barneo from where we will reach the North Pole by helicopter. Camp Barneo is a private Russian temporary ice base established annually on an ice floe close to the North Pole. The ice base is sponsored by the Russian Geographical Society and normally lasts for the month of April. Depending on the base's location, excursions to the actual North Pole can be conducted on skis, by dog sled, or by helicopter.
Expeditions to Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Planning trip to such a far point as Lake Baikal is not easy. We will organize your short or long (by taking a TransSiberian Train) travel whether it is an adventure trip or a quiet holiday. Lake Baikal, so large that it is often mistaken for a sea, is the deepest and oldest lake in the world, and the largest freshwater lake by volume. It is famous for its crystal clear waters and unique wildlife, it curves for nearly 400 miles through south-eastern Siberia, north of the Mongolian border. It lies in a cleft where Asia is literally splitting apart, the beginnings of a future ocean. Baikal is an immense and breathtaking area of natural beauty.
Adventures in Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains

We offer active tours to the Urals and Ural Mountains including a trip on a famous TransSiberian Railway. The Ural Mountains or simply the Urals are a mountain range that runs approximately from north to south through western Russia, from the coast of the Arctic Ocean to the Ural River and northwestern Kazakhstan. Their eastern side is usually considered the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. The Urals are not very high if compared to other mountain ranges. Their highest peak is Mount Narodnaya, which peaks at 6,217 ft above the sea level.
Exploring Valley of Geysers

Valley of Geysers

In summer it is the best time to take our tour and visit the amazing Valley of Geysers, which is the geyser field on Kamchatka Peninsula. It has the second largest concentration of hot springs and geysers in the world and it is the only field in Eurasia. The Valley was discovered in 1941 and since then it became a renowned tourist attraction in Kamchatka. It is so remote that only few thousand people visit it every year. In 2008, the Geyser Valley was included in the list of seven Wonders of Russia, according to the results of the popular vote. The Geyser Valley was severely affected by a landslide on June 3, 2007. About half of the geysers were piled by a debris avalanche and submerged by a dammed lake. Nevertheless, the Valley is alive and still is of great interest to scientists and tourists.
Travels to Chara Sands

Chara Sands

Another great opportunity wih us is to book a trip to see the real desert in the middle of Siberia.This amazing miniature desert is located just 40 kilometres from the modern Kodar Glaciers: a striking yellow spot among snow-covered rocky ridges, thick larch taiga, numerous lakes and tussock bogs. This sand dune is approximately 10 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide; some of the dunes are as high as 15 – 30 meters. The terrain here is so pronounced it almost looks like a real desert. Nowhere else in the entire tundra such large volume of loose shifting sands can be found. Against the backdrop of the cold mountains, the Chara Sands is an extraordinary sight.